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Fine Art Murals + Backdrops

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Who we are :  KT Arnesen and Ellie Grimm are a mother-daughter artist team based out of Madison, Wi. They paint Fine Art Murals and backdrops for events using natural elements and textile patterns to drive their designs.

What we do : Hand painted Murals and backdrops for events, weddings, and spaces. Commercial and residential.

International art magazine- Special feature article and interview

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about us.

We are a mother-daughter artist team. 


Ellie Grimm is an artist raised in Madison, Wisconsin. She got her degree at the Penny Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan in 2017. Trained as an oil painter, she has been creating commissioned oil paintings for the past few years before diving into the world of mural design. Lately she has been combining her training in design from Michigan with her painting skills to create original murals in homes, merging the world of painting with design.



KT Arnesen grew up in Madison, WI. After a degree at UW, she went back to school for a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at Madison College. She worked for a few years as a graphic designer for a small PR firm, after which she decided to start her own business painting pet portraits for commission.  For the last 6 years, KT has been managing both private and commercial art collections. Curating spaces for her clients, she has traveled locally and nationally.


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