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A bespoke piece of art that will transform your living space.



Our murals start at $35/square foot.*

We have a minimum of $1500

* depending on project

Start with a free 20 min

video consultation



If you are looking for something smaller in size that does not reach the minimum, we would be happy to discuss other options including commissioning an oil painting.

After the free consultation meeting we have a $150 fee to continue.

Then we require 50% of the project cost once the proposal is signed off.



What is a Fine Art Mural...

A Fine Art Mural is a piece of art that lives somewhere between hand painted wallpaper and an oil painting on your wall. A piece like this will add character and history to your home. We take into account the design and architecture of your home, as well as your own personal taste.

How it works

Our initial phone conversation is free, then if you would like to continue the conversation it is a $150 consultation fee. From there we tailor our process by the projects' needs. We want to work with you to make a piece for your home that you will love.

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